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Katy Lindberg

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  Veterans from all branches 
  and  Non Veterans are welcome.    Even you Marines!  

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 Help this continue to grow. 
We need your support!  


Join us May 30th 5pm

@ Hastings Rotary Pavilion

Featuring the 34th Infantry Red Devil Rock Band! 

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What is this?
We're a group of Veterans from all branches of service, PLUS any others who are welcome to join us, that do a scenic 28 mile walk (aka road march) on Memorial Day to honor our fallen comrades and to raise awareness for the holiday. Along the route we have Honor Markers at each mile with our fallen comrades, family or friends to honor them and remind us who we are walking for. Our route is the "Great River Road" from Red Wing up to Hastings, MN. If you had to pick a good stretch of road to walk in Minnesota, this is it. 

Yes, you can do it! 
We walk at a 3mph pace and stop every 3 miles for a 10-15 min break. At each stop, aka Check Point, we are greeted by awesome volunteers with great food and beverages. Not sure if you can walk 28 miles? We got your back! You'll be surprised how far you can walk and how fast the time goes. BUT if a walker can't make it all the way, no problem. We have great volunteers in vehicles to help with that. It happens to multiple walkers every year so you wouldn't be the first. 
**If you do fall behind more than once we will ask you to call it a day and hop in a vehicle. It's for your safety and we do have to stick to a schedule. 

We will help you prepare!
More details on the march including tips on preparation, a suggested packing list, the exact route, what to expect are on the Registration page, which can be found here.

Help Us Grow, Join Us!
It's been a small group the last couple of years, but we are hoping to rebound in 2022. The goal is to recruit at least 30 marchers this year. It is FREE and again, anyone can walk. You don't have to be a Veteran. Your kid can walk too. If you have a child under 18 they can walk so long as you are with them. You both just have to register as individual walkers.

Whether you walk, donate, sponsor or attend the Finish in Hastings we appreciate any involvement. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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 Want to see more? 
Here are a few extra Kodak moments from 2021.. 

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  We March For Them..  

 These men and women from all branches of service have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We recognize them with Honor Markers along our route. They are placed every mile to remind us, and others, who we are walking for. Memorial Day is For Them..  

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New Honor Markers are added each year by new Marchers. They must walk to place a marker and are given an opportunity to share their story at the Finish in Hastings. Any Marcher can nominate an Honor Marker, they do not have to be a Veteran. They can make a nomination when they register. 


 2022 Sponsorships Still Available! 

Thanks to all who support us!

 The Generals - Key Sponsors 
$500+ level 

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Katy Lindberg

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 The Majors  $200+ level 


The Spool House


Leo C. Peterson
Post 54
Red Wing

 Major Sponsor
#4 Available 

 Major Sponsor
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 Major Sponsor
#6 Available 


 The Captains  $100+ level 

Jen Dye


Bookstore of Hastings

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Walter Busse

 Captain Sponsor
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 The Lieutenants  $50+ level 

Lynn Anderson

Ruth Stonesifer

Jenna King

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Kristofor Stonesifer


  Meet all of our great Volunteers! 

We are good at the moment but if
we need help, we'll post it here.

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Geoff Bruce
Route Support Lead
Navy Vet


Kathy O'Connor
Marcher Care/Transport
CP 10 Host


Kris Milliren
Finish Event Coordinator
Board Member & Treasurer


BreAnna, Martha Hanson
& Family   CP 4

Colin Bruce
CP 7


Kathy O'Connor & Family
CP 10

Cheryl & Tom Bullington
CP 13

Our CheckPoint Hosts who provide the great food and drinks along the way... 

Katy & Andy Lindberg
& Family   CP 16

Kristin Bray & Family
CP 19

Shirley Markuson & Family
CP 22


Melanie Baker & Family
CP 25

Board of Directors

Laura Slusarczyk - Board Chair

Sarah Hemmelgarn - Secretary

Kris Milliren - Treasurer

Jessie Nowak - Member

Elizabeth Markuson - Member

Patrick O'Connor - Member

Tom Wright - Executive Director


MN Coaches/Hastings Bus Company - Mike Karlen, Mike Paul & Frank - Danny Schlomka

Graphic Designer for Flyers - Max Slocum, Imaginative Hobbyist

City of Hastings Parks & Rec - Paige Marschall Bigler

The Hastings Journal - Bruce Karnick

KDWA - Mo McNeary, Mike Ruud, Dan Massman

Hastings Community TV- Colby Zak, Mike Bremer

Hastings Police Department

Hastings American Legion

Mayor Mary Fasbender - Speaker

Pastor Jim Bzofskie - Speaker

Other great supporters of the March...



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 Thank you for your support! 

What is the money for?

All donations and sponsorships go towards supporting the event and its growth. The more we can raise, the larger the event can be in 2023. This includes the public celebration, keynote speaker and entertainment at the Finish in Hastings.  It also includes the tshirts and supplies to support the march that we are unable to get donated. We are trying to keep the cost free for Veterans and others who walk. The expenses for 2022 are minimal. We're planning to save all remaining funds for seed money to cover next year's event.

We are a non-profit

 Memorial Day March For Them is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation with a federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.  All donations made to MDMFT are tax deductible. 


  Ready to Join Us?  Great! 

It's free to walk.
You don't have to be a Vet.
*You get this cool t-shirt free!

*We'll do our best but requested size not guaranteed after May 12th
It's an easy 3 mph pace.. 
..with breaks every hour that provide food & drinks..
..and if you don't make it, that's ok, we have a ride. 


Your first time? Please read The March page to get an idea of how the day will go.


  Join us at the Finish.
All are welcome!
5pm May 30th Hastings Rotary Pavilion
BYOB. Bring Your Own F&F too!
(Friends & Family)  


Music Starts
Featuring 34th Infantry
Red Devil Rock Band!


Marchers Arrive
Program Begins